A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Rules (O.B.E.Y Dem)

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PostSubject: Rules (O.B.E.Y Dem)   Wed May 27, 2009 8:17 pm

1. No godmodding. This means you CANNOT have an all powerful character. THEY MUST HAVE A WEAKNESS! You also cannot have all powerful items, or summon an all powerful turtle. Basically, nothing all powerful.

2. No power playing. I can’t really explain this, but I’ll give an example (assuming Bob is your character) : ‘Bob swung his sword at a tree and cut a limb off. Akaelin gasped in awe.’ Since Akaelin is my character, you cannot roleplay him reacting to ANYTHING (Kael wouldn’t gasp anyway. He’d turn around and be all like, ‘whatevz’ Neutral ). ANY form of this is wrong, wrong, wrong. I understand if you are new here. I’ll let you know if you power play. I even understand that you may forget every now and then. However, if you continue to do it repeatedly, after having been warned umpteen million times, your a** WILL be out of here.

3. If your character can use magic you must provide a legitimate reason for said magic. Something as simple as, ‘So and so taught me awhile back’ is fine. Unless you play a deity, of course. However, since there is a large number of them running around, these are going to start being kept to a minimum. I play three of them play an active part in the plot (Fenris, Hel and Jormungandr). I know they’re fun to play, but too many gods on one side makes it unfair to the other. We have about three on each side (not counting demi-gods) at the moment, so it’s about even. No more gods at the moment. This may change in the near future. If you have a problem with this, pm me.

4. There is no minimum, nor maximum for posts (unless you are in the Training Grounds). I understand when ones muse is drained. It happens to me a lot. However, you must remember to use proper punctuation, and quotation marks. That’s all I ask.

5. Just because you know something OCCly (out of character) doesn’t mean your characters know it. For example. If Kitai and I were to get into some random argument and hate each other, that doesn’t mean that Akaelin and Nathifa can just randomly start throwing tomatoes at each other. Unless something happens in the roleplay that they would want to throw tomatoes at each other.

6. This isn’t so much as a rule as it is a reminder. Just because one character hates another, doesn’t mean that the roleplayer hates the other roleplayer. Or rather, Galvad, just because Akaelin doesn’t like Derak, doesn’t mean that I don’t like you. You all following me on this one?

7. We’re all friendly here, but if anyone has any sort of complaint about ANYTHING pm me and I will resolve it as best as I can.

8. Superiors must be obeyed. That means anyone with experience in the pack, or a high rank. This mainly applies if your a direct member of the Rebellion or whatever. I'm sorry to say that this is not a democracy. While Akaelin will listen to your opinions, what he says goes. If you fail to obey and your excuse isn't good enough (ex. I just didn't feel like it, or I was bored) it will be considered treason, and you will be banished from the Rebellion. He's a wolf people, not a saint.

(P.S. If you're bored just tell me. I'm sure my mind will come up with something interesting, and I'm always open to new plots)

9. This applies mostly to the Rebellion. If you wish to formally challenge Akaelin for leadership, here's some things to consider.

- It will be a No-Consent fight. Meaning that Akaelin could kill your character in the challenge. No whining or bitching. It goes both ways, your character could kill Akaelin.
-However, you will have to fight both alphas, even if you only have one character challenging for leadership. Akaelin is the alpha by title and duties, but since Nathifa is his mate, she could also be considered an alpha. ...She's also a goddess. You might want to think twice about your challenge.

NOTE: I reserve the right to change rules and add them as I see fit.
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Rules (O.B.E.Y Dem)
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