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 Jan's Profile

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PostSubject: Jan's Profile   Sat May 30, 2009 7:35 am

-----------------[Not the debt doctor with the hungry scapel!]-----------------

Name: Jan Gautier

Age: 28

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 5'10''

*Hair Color: Black

*Eye Color: Blue gray

*Skin Color: A little bit tan

-----------------[You're the street physician carving flesh sculptures!]-----------------

Personality: Jans mind darts from one idea to the next like a bolt of lightning. He's very outgoing, but forgetful. If he's treating someone though, he takes on an entirely new personality. He becomes more serious and commanding, and would even order superiors and gods around.

Likes: Tory, Geary, helping people

Dislikes: When a god (or anyone) comes, snaps their fingers, and heals a person (it makes him feel useless), when he can't save someone, Amilies new boytoy

Sexual Orientation: Straight

-----------------[He'll paint your ass like a rambrant, you like that?]-----------------

Illness's: He has a rare, genetic blood disease that he inherited from his mother. Though he's treating himself for it, he will more than likely die in the next few years unless a complete cure is found.

Allergic Reactions: None

Fears: Not seeing Tory and Geary grow up

Trusts: Believe it or not, he doesn't trust a lot of people

Hopes and Dreams: To find a cure for his disease, making peace between him and Amilie, and to see Geary and Tory grow up

-----------------[Better start praying when you see him coming!]-----------------


Best Friend

Yoko: I got to know you a bit when you came up to my house with Birch, Quill, Aodan and Cael. It was nice to have some visitors. I wish I could've gotten to know you better before you left us.
Cael: I'm not annoyed at you, I'm annoyed that I couldn't help you.
Akaelin: You're doing the exact same thing that I used to do. You drive away people who respect you and are only concerned for your well being. I see a lot of myself in you. Stop now before what happened to me happens to you.
Quill and Birch: Past your prickly temper, Quill, you seem like an alright person. Birch, with your more easy going personality, you're like the perfect balance for her. I wish you both happiness.
Amilie: I'm glad to see that you and your girls are alright. They're good kids, so raise them well.
Tory: You astound me some times. You're so much more intelligent than I was at your age. I'm not sure if that's due to the conditions of your birth or not. I just hope I didn't make a mistake in doing what I did.
Geary: I'll have to beat guys off you with a cactus when your older, I can already forsee that.

-----------------[See your knife, see it glide]-----------------

History: Jan is a doctor from S.P.A.C., which is a group of humans who kidnap weres and teach themselves how to fight back. It's made of three different divisions. Jan was in the scientific division. They had to disect the weres that had been taken, or experiment on them to find weakness's. Before this though, he was a pirate. A very crappy pirate. The only reason he became one though, was so that he could escape his fathers wishes into joining S.P.A.C. However, it was destined to be, and he soon subconciously found his way to the organization. It was there that he met Amilie, a wereocelot. He was supposed to disect her, but took pity, mostly because he thought she was pretty (he's a guy, people). He succeeded, stealing her away from the place.

Well that night they kinda had a bit 'o fun...did the nasty.....are you still confused? They had sex, people. They went their seperate ways, and met up again about 3 months later. Jan got a nice surprise when he found out that Amilie was preggers. He used this as an excuse to take a leave from S.P.A.C. They allowed him to take residence somewhere else, but he couldn't abandon the organization. He took the offer, since he figured that that was going to be the best offer he would get. He didn't have to experiment on anything, but was told just to do reasearch. So then, Soteria (Tory) was born. Two years later, they had another child, Meagera (Geary). It was after this that Jan became completely absorbed in his work, driving Amilie away from him. She stayed with him a lot longer than a normal person would have, hoping that he would come out of his little funk.

She didn't succeed, and eventually left with their two children. It took this event to finally make Jan snap to reality, and realize that he had driven away the only person who had ever really cared about him. Feeling terrible, he purchased an experiment from S.P.A.C., in hopes of helping at least one person after Amilies abandonment.

-----------------[He'll do your ass like dishes, am-pu-ta-tion!]-----------------

Sanity Level: 10/10
Intelligence Level: 10/10
Wits in a Battle: 5/10
Fighting Experience: 4/10
Killing Experience: 8/10 (he's killed things in S.P.A.C., on orders)
Hunting: 2/10
Fishing: 3/10
Aggression Level: 3/10
Speed Level: 4/10
Strength Level: 4/10
Hygiene Level: 9/10
Kindness Level: 9/10
Curiosity Level: 10/10
Humor Level: 7/10
Flirting Experience:7/10

-----------------[Remember who you are.]-----------------

Theme Song: Infected from Repo! The Genetic Opera

I'm infected
by your genetics

Shilo, I'm the doctor
Shilo, I'm your father
Oh, Shilo, that was close!
Take your medicine

I'm infected by your genetics
Shilo, you're my patient
Shilo, be more patient
You have limitations, don't go chasing flies
I must be protective
You cannot be reckless
That's what is expected when you are infected

I'm infected by your genetics
I'm infected by your genetics
And I don't think that I can be fixed
No, I don't think that I can be fixed
Tell me why, oh why are my genetics such a bitch?

It's this blood condition
Damn this blood condition!
Mother can you hear me?
Thanks for the disease!
Now I am sequestered
Part of the collection
That's what is expected when you are infected
That's what is expected when you are infected
That's what is expected when you are infected

How much of it's genetics?
How much of it is fate?
How much of it depends on the choices that we make?
He says I have her eyes, did I also inherit his shame?
Is heredity the corporate, 'cause stop it
or am I a slave?

I'm infected by your genetics
I'm infected by your genetics
What hope has a girl who is sick?
My dream of a life past this fence
It really makes no difference
'Cause I know that I'll never be fixed
Tell me why, oh why are my genetics such a bitch?

Oh, I want to go outside
Oh, I want to go outside

Voice: Graverobber from Repo! The Genetic Opera
More Graverobber
Still more Graverobber This song is very...Janish.
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Jan's Profile
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