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 Teh Ranks Wenches

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PostSubject: Teh Ranks Wenches   Sat May 30, 2009 11:13 am


Ranks for the Rebellion

~ Means they can accept new members
+ Means they can rank members
* Means they can banish members

~+*The Alpha/Alphess

- The absolute leaders of the Rebellion. They have power over all decisions, and their word is law. They have completely equal powers.
Alpha: Akaelin
Alphess: Nathifa

~+The Advisor

- This person is not necessarily the strongest or fastest member of the Rebellion, but the most wise. They are prized for their opinions and decision making abilities. If they wish to banish a member, they must first go to either the Alpha, or Alphess and ask permission. Since they trust the Advisors opinions so much, more than likely the banishment will take place.


- These are the healers of the pack. They have a vast knowledge of anatomy, herbs, and overall healing arts. They also brew poison for the assassins. The Chief Druid is known as the Willow.

The Assassins

- The…uhh…well, assassins of the Rebellion. They can only be ordered out by either Akaelin, or Nathifa. They are instructed to kill the indented target, and then leave. Failure to do this will result into demotion into the Militia. They are normally small, fast creatures.

~The Blacksmith

- This person is in charge of all metalwork within the Rebellion. This includes weapons, armor, and just about anything one can think of.

The Militia

- The main fighting force of the Rebellion. Most will be ranked under here. They must always be ready incase of combat, and will be expected to perform duties around the town.
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Teh Ranks Wenches
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