A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Kamira's Profile

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PostSubject: Kamira's Profile   Sat May 30, 2009 10:59 pm

-----------------[I hope you burn like a cigarette in ashes]-----------------

Name: Kamira

Age: 20

Race: Werewolf

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

*Hair Color: White

*Eye Color: Dull pink

*Skin Color: Very very pale

-----------------[As your head comes down and crashes]-----------------

Personality: Kamira can seem shy when you first meet her due to her sometimes spacey nature and tendency to stay silent
most of the time, but she's actually cruel and bloodthirsty. She enjoys torturing/killing her victims in painful ways.

Likes: Torturing, Killing, cold weather, rocky ground, lakes

Dislikes: Fake people, Karhza, anyone that makes her feel inferior, sand, not being on solid ground, Quill

Sexual Orientation: Straight

-----------------[Your thoat pours blood from slashes]-----------------

Illness's: Not really an illness, but she's albino. She's also blind

Allergic Reactions: Mushrooms

Fears: Being alone, having no purpose

Trusts: Almost no one

Hopes and Dreams: To wipe out the Rebellion for good. Also to blind Kahrza and hang her someplace high for the birds to eat.

-----------------[And I hope you never forget like a tatoo of regret this time, this time]-----------------


Best Friend

Karhza: Oh mother, I have a special way planned to pay you back and kill you for what you did to me. You better sleep with one eye open, b****
Quill: I had been gone from home for two weeks to return to find you taking up my place in my mother's life. Then you treat me like a child and order me around when you came back to us as Demonwolf's apprentice. If it was within my ability to kill you, I wouldn't hesitate.
Aracelli: Our minds are twisted in the same way, I like that. It seems that you have grown a bit softer after looking after Demonwolf's spawn, but I'll still follow you.
Lycaon: Those rebel bastards will pay for killing you. Even though you're dead I'll still send my prayers to you.
Akaelin: You'll end up just like your pathetic cousin, just wait. I'll be there laughing when you die and the Rebellion dies with you.

-----------------[Was nice to know you]-----------------

History: Kamira was born destined to lead a fairly normal life until she was 11 and got in a fight with her mother, Karhza. Her mother blinded her and kicked her out of the house, threatening to kill her if she ever came back. She did return a couple weeks later and found a 13 year old girl that her mother had changed taking her place in the household. This new gold-striped werewolf chased her off and she fell into the Timbercreek werewolf pack. She found solace in killing things and worshipping Lycaon, joining the League when the pack split apart. She has adapted to her blindness by developing her other senses to a fantastic point where she can even use vibrations in the ground to see.

-----------------[Now your time is up so]-----------------

Sanity Level: 7/10
Intelligence Level: 6/10 (very little schooling)
Wits in a Battle: 9/10
Fighting Experience: 10/10
Killing Experience: 10/10
Hunting: 9/10
Fishing: 1/10
Aggression Level: 8/10
Speed Level: 7/10
Strength Level: 9/10
Hygiene Level: 10/10
Kindness Level: 3/10
Curiosity Level: 7/10
Humor Level: 2/10
Flirting Experience:3/10

-----------------[Just drop dead]-----------------

Theme Song: King of Contradiction - Sum41

I've dethroned the king of contradiction
Or were you just a jester all along a simple pawn
Don't you know you can't count your tears like your money
Running down like rain in the drain

You don't need to pray for me 'cause I'm not the one to blame
I can't wait to see you going down in flames
How could it be know not what we've become
You lost the human race

I hope you burn like a cigarette
in ashes
As your head comes down and crashes

Your thoat pours blood from slashes
And I hope you never forget like a tatoo of regret this time, this time

You don't need to pray for me 'cause I'm not the one to blame
I can't wait to see you going down in flames
How could it be know not what we've become
You lost the human race

You're replaced now
Was nice to know you
Now your time is up so
Just drop dead

Voice: Luna Lovegood Luna
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Kamira's Profile
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