A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Races (WIP)

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PostSubject: Races (WIP)   Wed May 27, 2009 8:30 pm

These are all the races you can choose from. If the word Closed is in bold, that means we have a massive flood of these kinds of characters, and aren't taking any more at the moment.



~These are the simplest of the races as far as form goes, though they are just as complex as any. They normally have rather open minds and opinions, as well as values that they refuse to let go of. They are normally skilled in a variety of different kinds of weapons in order to survive in this world.



~These are a race who were once human, but then was bitten by a wereanimal. Their animal form depends on what kind of were bit them. For example, if Bob the werewolf bites you, you aren't going to turn into a Wererhino. You would be a werewolf. We accept all kinds of weres, from wolves, to tigers, to falcons, to llamas. They are naturally stronger and faster than humans, though they tend to be more closed minded, thinking that they are superior. They have three forms. Human, Biped were, and regular animal.



~People who were born a combonation of two different kinds of weres, i.e. Snake/Bird or Cheetah/Eagle, or something funky like that. They are able to take either animal form, as well as a combonation of the two. Due to two different species mixing, they tend to have some genetic flaws, especially if their parents were like, a reptile and a bird, two completely different species.



~Those who were born as animals fall into this category. They are incredibly rare, and can come from either human parents, or parents of their own species. Unlike the weres, they only have two forms. Human and animal. Between the ages of 1 and 5, they gain the ability to take a human form. Some shift later than others. They are the sister race to the Henkilo, but absolutely despise them. They are generally smaller and faster than the Henkilo and can be taught to weild magic, but only after going through the Vieras. The Vieras occurs when the Elain is overcome by a strong emotion (usually anger or betrayal), and they completely succumb to it. It's sort of like rabies, because they become cruel and violent. They have trouble feeling emotions like compassion and sympathy, since they're technically wild animals. They can feel these kinds of emotions, but they're very very muted and barely there.



~Individuals who were born human, and able to shift into an animal form between the ages of 1 and 5. Not to be confused with weres, as they only have a human and animal form. There is no biped were form. They are much bigger and stronger than their Elain cousins, but cannot in any circumstance weild magic. They are much more civil and organized than the Elain, though they lie a lot more (the Elain hardly ever do this). They absolutely hate the Elain, and believe that they shouldn't have a human form, and should be enslaved, put on a leash, whatever. They can be affected by a bite from a were. It would sort of turn their animal form into a hybrid type thing, but they'll always lean more towards the animal they were born as.



~This will be closed until some of the already existing ones in the roleplay die. Too many on one side makes it unfair to the other, and difficult as well. Like... if the leader of a bad guy side were to actually take time to plan a diabolical plot, only to have it foiled instantly with a snap from the fingers of a god...well that's not really fair. As of right now, the count is completely equal on both sides. It's going to stay that way. NO. MORE. GODS.
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Races (WIP)
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