A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Faorn's Profile

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PostSubject: Faorn's Profile   Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:17 am

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Name: Faorn

Age: 19

Race: Werewolf (Dark blue fur, red eyes, just like in her human form.)

Gender: Female

Height: 6’6’

Personality: Faorn is a very tactless and ferocious girl when those she loves and the rebels are in danger (the only person she really loves is Syn, really). She's moody, and get's bored constantly.

Likes: Making a great comeback

Dislikes: Demonwolf

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Illness's: None

Allergic Reactions: None

Fears: Dying, people she likes dying.

Trusts: Syn, Sai

Hopes and Dreams: Go on more adventures!


Hatred : Demonwolf
Angered : Lycaon, Davyn
Annoyance : Seff
Aquainted : Probably most of the rebellion
Friend : Syn
Trusted : Most people of the rebellion
Best Friend : Syn (As you can see, she doesn’t have much friends)
Respect : Akaelin, Syn
Love : Syn
Family/Relative : Sarian, Davyn

History: She lives in Mt. Lycaon, unnoticed because of her great stealth skills. She greatly respects Lycaon but keeps a safe distance from Demonwolf. She knows Lycaon favors Demonwolf over herself, so she plans one day to kill her. Her parents died when she was an infant. A red-tailed hawk named Sarian was soaring up above, listening to the commotion of a baby’s cries. She swooped down and saw the innocent child. She took care of it and named it Faorn.

One day, she took a sword found in the mountain trail and slit Sarian’s throat in the middle of the night. She sensed something behind her and spun around. There a werewolf crept up to her and lunged at her face. She jumped back, but the wolf’s fangs still left 5 bloody, jagged marks on her face, crossing through her closed eye. Her eyesight her left eye was damaged from the bite.As Faorn grew into a teenager, she began plotting evil plans, and worshiped Lycaon.

But then she noticed how Lycaon was too evil to the world she lived in. She followed the Rebels out of curiosity. Later, she became one of them. When Syn joined the journey, she started to fall in love with the Wyvern xD.

Sanity Level: 10/10
Intelligence Level: 8 /10
Wits in a Battle: 8/10
Fighting Experience: 9/10
Killing Experience: 10/10
Hunting: 4/10
Fishing: 0/10
Aggression Level: 6/10
Speed Level: 7/10
Strength Level: 6/10
Hygiene Level: 6-7/10
Kindness Level: 7-10/10 (it varies in what mood she’s in)
Curiosity Level: 10/10
Humor Level: 6/10
Flirting Experience: 0/10

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Faorn's Profile
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