A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Guide to TAoF

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PostSubject: Guide to TAoF   Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:29 pm

Another idea that came into my head - it might be hard for people to jump into the rp because they don't know any background, or what's going on. We could have a thread where we give quick summaries of characters, their backgrounds, and present and past plots. i'm just going to keep it down to one post for me, but i'll keep editing it.

Kitai: A werewolf blacksmith who is on the Rebellion's side. Due to circumstances of her transformation she is unable to get rid of her wolf ears, tail, and paws. She killed Quill in the final battle against the Lycaon-Set armies.

Quill: Kitai's unidentical twin sister. She used to secretely be Demonwolf's apprentice until she revealed herself. She had died from silver poisoning once, but was brought back from the dead and given a wiger form. She is now back from the dead again under Set's control. Her mate is Birch and Aodan is the child she had with him.

Birch: a weretiger who is actually the twins' third cousin-in-law. So he isn't blood-related to his mate Quill at all. He may have earned a reputation as a coward, but now he will fight to the last breath to protect Aodan.

Arakil: The brother of Kitai and Quill, he just recently showed up at Giderah. He recieved the shock of his life to find both sisters alive, but still hates Quill for killing/eating their parents.

Miria: Formerly the Society's runaway Rank 3, Miria was forced by the unbeatable Rank 1 and her former friend Ryn to work with her towards killing Lycaon. During the final battle Ryn gave her life so that Miria could control her awakening and turn it in her favor. She didn't make contact with the Rebellion for 2 years, but now she is back in the Society as the new Rank 1. She recently brought down the Society leaders and freed the warriors.

Nathifa/Clarisse: The Society's Rank 47 that was sent to kill Rhinjin, Clarisse failed in her task miserably but started to develop a crush on Rhinjin. She awakened to defend him from Rank 10 later and Miria was forced to kill her to keep her from causing mass destruction. When Bastet and Sekhmet were killed by Set, Anubis broke his code of neutrality and had her reborn as the goddess of war and motherhood - Nathifa. She mated and blood bonded with Rhinjin and they now have a two-year-old demigod son - Mshai.

Set: The god of chaos who was outcast from the Egyptian pantheon for killing his brother Osiris. He fought with Lycaon during the last plot and fell in love with Nathifa somewhere along the way. He suggested a peace treaty, but part of that treaty was that Nathifa would bear him a son - thus Runi was born.

Runihura (Runi) - the child of Nathifa and Set, he holds the official position of god of chaos in the pantheon. Kitai is his security blanket; because he's a god, he feels like he's standing upside down all the time and needs someone normal to cling onto.

Rhinjin: Sais cousin, and the new leader of the Rebellion. He was born a white wolf pup, and almost thrown down a well had it not been for his uncle, Banehallow, who raised him. His family (still in the rp) consits of…

Yoko - older brother
Banehallow - Uncle
Nathifa - Mate
Rukia and Mshai - Kiddes
Cael - Cousin
Kawa - Cousin

He became mated to a woman named Aegle, who died giving birth to their two children, one of whom also died that night. The loss of the two drove him off the edge, and he succumbed to what is known as the Trilosa. A kind of madness restricted to the Katagaria. After taking the lives of 37 humans in Macedon, he overcame the madness. However, the Society had sent out their rank 47, Clarisse to dispose of him. She failed in her attempt, and Rhinjin and Birch spared her life. She followed Rhinjin around - against his knowing - intent on protecting him. After 47 had failed, the Society sent out rank 10 for another shot. Clarisse fought against rank 10, and awakened to protect Rhinjin. After someone else had died because of him, Rhinjin tried to kill himself by eating sweet pea. However, his attempts were thwarted by Miria, who gave him some Clarisse's blood, giving him the silver eyes, and some of the powers of the Society.

Now as the new Alpha of the rebellion, he leads with a much sterner force than Sai had. He's determined to keep the pack under control and not loose his mind like his cousin.

Yoko: Rhinjins fun loving, older brother. He’d soon rather cut off his own arm than step on an ant. …….And now he’s the anti-christ. …..I have a fondness for irony. Schizophrenia runs in his family, and has unfortunately affected him. However, thanks to it, he became close friends with Kitai. Now with the apocalypse coming, he wants to do everything in his power to make sure that none of the norse gods or riders hurt her. Especially Rabbit, a twisted voice living inside his head who has a grudge and some serious jealousy issues against her. Hel sometimes allows Rabbit to take control of Yokos body when she wants someone who’s a little more enthusiastic about the job.

Yokos happy only about 40% of the time. But even when he’s not, he puts on an excellent façade that’s hard to see through. His sexual preference is undetermined.

Banehallow: A purebred Katagari wolf who holds the rank of Elekti, which is sort of like a leader. There’s currently three of them, though that number changes depending on how many purebreds there are on the Omegrion (the Katagarias council). He became a father at the age of 17 and has been described as both the greatest musician of his time, as well as the biggest man wh*re. He has a lot of different kids with a lot of different women.

Bane + Erica = Sai
Bane + Siobhan = Cael
Bane + Tara = Kawa
Bane + Bryani = (currently nameless)

He might be getting on in years but he still packs a punch and isn’t really someone you want to have against you.

Vane: Vane was born the son of a Katagaria cheetah, and a were gemsbok, making him both predator and prey. He had also been born hideously deformed and was picked on by other kids, and spat upon by adults. His mother hid him away in their basement, but he would sometimes sneak out through a few loose bricks that he never told her about. Anytime he was actually allowed out, his mother made him wear a burlap sack over his head. Wren specifically liked to pick on him to the point where the young chesbok would break down and cry. Usually this was when Yoko would intervene, kick Wrens sorry little butt, and take Vane on one of his and Rhinjins adventures.

After trying to kill Wren and some others of the rebellion, Bastet fully cheetah-fied him, and gave him a completely normal appearance. As a way of making up for picking on him, Sai invited him to join their party.

Sakari: Sakari was always a strange child with an odd sense of humor. His mother was very sick, and the medication she had to take caused her hair to fall out. Sakari grew his hair long because his mother liked to play with it and brush it, since she didn't have any of her own. This is also a part of the reason as to why he keeps his hair long now. Well anyways one day mummy and daddy got snatched up by S.P.A.C., leaving little Sakari to go live with his uncle and psycho aunt. He hates all manners of deitys, and people. The only exception to this are kids. Sakari loves kids, but most parents won't let theirs around him. He has specific hatred for know it alls, and vegetarians.

Nefertari: A werecobra (indian speckled cobra to be precise) who serves Yoko/Rabbit. She's much more at ease around Yoko however and even has a little tiny crushy-poo on him. Though she doesn't show it at all. Though she's a servent, she's an amazing dancer who can hypnotize almost anyone. She's also very kind at heart and pays close attention to the things that people say.

Here's an example of her dancing, as well as what she looks like (though she actually a bit more tan than this).



Demonwolf, the alphess of the pack, went psycho with the werewolf god Lycaon and started doing things that some of the Timbercreek werewolf pack thought was unethical - such as her 'werewolf purity' theories. A group led by the beta Sai formed to combat Demonwolf and the god. In the end they were able to imprison Lycaon by calling on the god Zeus, Lycaon's mortal enemy.

Okay, so after that bit of crack, we moved onto some more crack.....that I currently forget. Crap! I forget all of plot two. I think plot three was the one where Sai and Fox became umm....winged thingys or something. That was during the Bluewall Abbey thing. *snortchuckle* Kitai and Swiiift sittin' in a tree okay I'm done. But anyways if you want a summary of that plot, just pick up the book Redwall and there ya go. Or if you don't feel like reading....

-Good guys make abbey
-Bad guys want take over abbey
-Bad guys steal tapestry
-Good guys get pissed for some odd reason
-Ummm.....another giant battle thing
-Good guys win

It has been two years since the last defeat of Demonwolf and Lycaon. A festival was recently held to celebrate the anniversary. But now there are new troubles: The Triumverate of Norse gods have created 4 apocalyptic riders. Now the Rebellion must team up with Set and the Atlanteans to fend off this new threat.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to TAoF   Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:49 pm

You'll want to change Rhinjin to Akaelin. Actually, I'll do it since I can edit your posts.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to TAoF   Mon Jun 15, 2009 9:37 pm

Oh yeah, that's right. I just copy-pasted from the old forum XD
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to TAoF   

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Guide to TAoF
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