A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Birch's Profile

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PostSubject: Birch's Profile   Thu Jul 02, 2009 5:00 pm

-----------------[Let my hands flow through]-----------------

Name: Birchwind (usually called Birch)

Age: 26

Race: Weretiger

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1''

*Hair Color: oakwood brown, looks slightly mahogany when under sunlight.

*Eye Color: blue

*Skin Color: Average

-----------------[Your hair. Moving closer]-----------------

Personality: Birch is very laid-back and good-natured. He doesn't like fighting, so can sometimes be perceived as a coward, but lately he's been sticking around to back the Rebellion up.

Likes: Quill, Aodan, the outdoors, cool water, traveling, sex with Quill

Dislikes: Death of his loved ones, assholes

Sexual Orientation: Straight

-----------------[A kiss we'll share]-----------------

Illness's: The occasional allergy, but nothing else

Allergic Reactions: ragweed

Fears: Death of his loved ones, dying, snakes

Trusts: Quill, Kitai, Nathifa, Akaelin, pretty much everyone who hasn't given him a reason to distrust them.

Hopes and Dreams: To raise Aodan as best as he can

-----------------[Passionate love to be all night long]-----------------


Best Friend

Quill: I loved you more than my own life and could never have been happier when you agreed to marry me and bore our son. You broke my heart when I learned that you had actually been on Demonwolf's side all along and were killed. Even so, the only reason I haven't followed you into the abyss is Aodan. If you were only alive again I would let you top for a century
Aodan: You're the light that keeps me in this world you little fluffy screwball. You look like me, but your personality is definitely going to take after your mother.
Kitai: I try not to think of it, but I still bear resentment against you for killing Quill, even if it was necessary. Otherwise, I like you and am glad that you help me raise Aodan.

-----------------[We'll never break, as one too strong]-----------------

History: Birch was born and raised in a village near Quill and Kitai's hometown of Chalca to a human mother and weretiger father. He was born human, but his father bit him so he would have a better chance of survival. His isolated village was the home to a band of warriors that followed ancient traditions, one of those traditions being harsh training for future members at a very young age. When training was completed the then-teenagers would receive a new name and join the group. Birch's original name had been Acilino. He had ran away from the group after their first big battle and took refuge in Chalca. He met Kitai and Quill, who turned out to be very distant cousins of his due to a marriage, and became friends with them. When Quill attacked Arakil and Kitai, it had been Birch who stopped her. Later on when Quill joined the Rebellion they had started to fall in love with each other and got married. Quill had a son, Aodan

-----------------[And now we'll never part]-----------------

Sanity Level: 10/10
Intelligence Level: 7/10
Wits in a Battle: 5/10
Fighting Experience: 8/10
Killing Experience: 7/10
Hunting: 7/10
Fishing: 8/10
Aggression Level: 3/10
Speed Level: 6/10
Strength Level: 9/10
Hygiene Level: 10/10
Kindness Level: 9/10
Curiosity Level: 8/10
Humor Level: 9/10
Flirting Experience:9/10

-----------------[1000 hours]-----------------

Theme Song: 1000 hours by Green Day

Voice: still looking
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Birch's Profile
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