A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Diadal's profile

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PostSubject: Diadal's profile   Sat Jul 11, 2009 1:54 pm

I'm a mean, mean woman.

Name: Diadal

Age: 26

Race: human

Gender: female

Height: 5' 8"

*Hair Color: dark brown

*Eye Color: brown

*Skin Color: average

I ain't the kinda woman...to make your life a bed of ease.

Personality: Her life has led her to be a sarcastic, manipulative person, although deep down she has compassion for those she feels are like herself. Diadal feels as if she has no true purpose anymore, so she spends her time tricking travelers and enjoying herself as much as possible.

Likes: Men, gambling, liquor, sharp shooting, sweets, crossbows, and other firearms.

Dislikes: women prettier than her, and men who try to physically harm her.

Sexual Orientation: straight

Illness's: slight asthma

Allergic Reactions: none

Fears: being trapped in a large fire, cockroaches.

Trusts: only those who have nothing left to loose

Hopes and Dreams: ridding the world of all blondes, although really just living her life to the fullest seems to work well enough for her.

Now you call me mean, you can call me evil,
I've been called much worser things around,
Honey, don't ya know I have?!

History: Diadal is a Hungarian archer, a woman trained since childhood with all manner of firearms. She is the daughter of a banished lord and a forest hermit. Spending the majority of her childhood fighting in a war against the vicious light-haired invaders who were attempting to take over the last free forest of the country, she is well known throughout the land as the one of the greatest archers who ever shot a bow and arrow. When the the people and were-beings of her forest finally surrendered, she refused to join them in slavery and instead escaped her ancestral home as it burned to the ground to make way for the new industrial mills and water wheels. She now travels the land looking for revenge against those who look like the invaders, and swindling unsuspecting passerby's out of their money.

Sanity Level: 5/10
Intelligence Level: 6/10
Wits in a Battle: 8/10
Fighting Experience: 9/10
Killing Experience: 6/10
Hunting: 10/10
Fishing: 7/10
Aggression Level: 6/10
Speed Level: 7/10
Strength Level: 5/10
Hygiene Level: 8/10
Kindness Level: 3/10
Curiosity Level: 6/10
Humor Level: 9/10
Flirting Experience:10/10

Voice: Thick European accent, with a rough voice from years of drinking and smoking.

Theme song: Turtle Blues, by Janis Joplin

Ah, I'm a mean, mean woman,
I dont mean no one man, no good, no.
I'm a mean, mean woman,
I don't mean no one man, no good.
I just treats 'em like I wants to,
I never treats 'em, honey like I should.

Oh, lord, I once had a daddy,
He said hed give me everything in sight.
Once had a daddy,
Said hed give me everything in sight.
Yes, he did.
So I said, honey, I want the sunshine,
You take the stars out of the night.
Come on and give em to me, babe, cause I want 'em right now.

I ain't the kind of woman
Whod make your life a bed of ease, ha ha ha ha!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
I'm not the kind of woman, no,
To make your life a bed of ease.
Yeah, but if you, if you just wanna go out drinkin', honey,
Wont you invite me along, please?

Oh, I'll be so good to ya babe, yeah!
Whoa, go on!

I guess I'm just like a turtle
That's hidin underneath its horny shell.
Whoa, whoa, oh yeah, like a turtle
Hidin' underneath its hard-ass shell.
But you know I'm very well protected
I know this goddamn life too well.

Oh! Now call me mean, you can call me evil, yeah, yeah,
I've been called much worser things around,
Honey, don't ya know I have!
Whoa, call me mean or call me evil
I've been called much worser things, all things around,
Yeah, but I'm gonna take good care of janis, yeah,
Honey, ain't no one gonna dog me down.
Alright, yeah.

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Diadal's profile
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