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 hahaha, no one uses this...just rambling, here's a cute little anecdote.

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PostSubject: hahaha, no one uses this...just rambling, here's a cute little anecdote.   Thu Aug 06, 2009 10:19 pm

-A few years ago, in the realm of Hades-


She glared at him through her eyelids, but otherwise ignored him.

"Hey, flower child." he teased.

She turned away, pointedly ignoring him.

"I brought a present from my last mission for ya." he teased as he leaned forward and dangled a bloody tooth still clinging to a long vein in his fingers in front of her face. She immediately screeched and scurried back across the ground where they'd been sitting, jumping again when her fingers hit a rat skeleton.

"Hahahaha." he wheezed at her, his empty sockets betraying no emotions. Death glared at him, and scrambled away towards the throne of their mother and father.

"Mommy!" Death whimpered as she tugged on her mothers dress. Persephone tried to smile at her, but it came out as more of a grimace. Her daughter understood; Her mother wasn't made for the underworld. That didn't mean she didn't love her children.

"What did your brother do now, Death?" Her father drawled as he smiled indulgently at her. Death pouted and tugged on her mothers dress more.

"I still wish you hadn't given her that name." she told her husband blandly, and Hades sent her a wry look.

"It's better than that forsaken name you gave my firstborn son, my lady." he replied. Persephone came alive for a rare moment as the fire of the human world caught in her eyes.

"I'll have you know that I had been planning to name one of my children that ever since I was a girl, and I wasn't about to be stopped because I was married to you and had a boy first, and I would appreciate if you would stop imposing the name you chose-"

"Enough. I'm tired of talking about this." he waved her off, trying to sound flippant. But out of the corner of her eye, Death saw Hades send his wife a look of intense love, one of which was far stronger than Romeo and Juliet, or even *snort* Zeus and Hera. Persephone smiled indulgently, and went back to daydreaming about her real home.

Death sighed, and walked away, knowing that she'd never get their attention now. Skipping over to the river Styx, her long blonde hair dancing behind her, she daringly put her hand in, only to have it grasped by a ghostly hand, desperate to get out. She shook it off, not wanting to play with the old souls anymore. They were crappy playmates.

She noticed her brother out of the corner of her eye, nonchalantly holding his scythe in a threatening manor.

"You don't scare me." she told him in a shaking voice. He saw through the lie, and gave a lipless grin.

"I'm The Grim Reaper. I scare everybody." he told her, advancing slowly as he raised his scythe, mimicking...the harvest.

"S-stop it!" she yelled.

"Gimme one reason why." he hissed, getting closer and closer.

Death tittered, and looked around hurriedly for her way out. Her parents were studiously watching the realm, as was their duty. Suddenly, a wicked idea came to her mind. Although she had never resorted to offensive tactics, it seemed that now was the time.

"Because I know your real name." she said quietly, and had to hold back her grin when he stopped short, looking incredulous.

"Don't you dare." he warned.

"And I'll leak it out onto the human world." she continued.

"Shut up!"

"They already know you're not the real angel of death." she looked away thoughtfully, thoroughly enjoying her teasing. He snarled in anger.

"I am too!"

"No you're not! You're no Angel of the Lord and you know it! You're just some leftover from an pre-Judaism underworld! No one wants you to reap their soul, Agnes!" she shouted.

"MY NAME IS THANATOS!!! NOT AGNES!!!" he shouted back, and instead of backing off, he raised his scythe higher and aimed at the neck of his younger sister.

Blood spurted, and a strange tearing noise turned her stomach even as it was happening, but Death was almost relieved she heard it, because it meant she was still alive. But then the horror of what had happened, and intense, intense pain as the blood poured out of the wound from her mouth.

There were shouts from their parents, and she could tell that her brother was sorry immediately after he took out his temper on her, but it was too late...it was even darker than usual....


((And there you have the story of how Death got her cheek torn away. This was wasn't very interesting, but I did it anyway. I apologize.))
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PostSubject: Re: hahaha, no one uses this...just rambling, here's a cute little anecdote.   Fri Aug 07, 2009 12:15 pm

((......Agnes. XD))
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hahaha, no one uses this...just rambling, here's a cute little anecdote.
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