A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Lance's Profile

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PostSubject: Lance's Profile   Mon Oct 05, 2009 6:47 pm

-----------------[All alone]-----------------

Name: Lancelot

Age: 25

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Height: 6' 0''

*Hair Color: Gray/Silver

*Eye Color: Gray

*Skin Color: Fairly Pale

-----------------[On a journey, I lost my way]-----------------

Personality: Constantly traveling has given him a taste of everything, thus making it really easy for him to stay calm, or at least appear calm, in difficult situations. He doesn't get really emotional about anything, and when things get serious he'll play it off with some lame joke. Will confront anybody, no matter who they are, if he needs to. He'll do just about anything to get whatever he wants/needs done.

Likes: Good deals, dangerous gambles, connections (connecting with people, essentially), traveling, legends/folklore,

Dislikes: Being wrong, being tricked, and wolves (the animal itself, not shape shifters)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

-----------------[As I stood still, my heart alone wandered]-----------------

Illness's: None

Allergic Reactions: None

Fears: Losing, dying, or wolves/wildlife raiding his goods.

Trusts: Noone but himself.

Hopes and Dreams: To eventually settle down.

-----------------[But now I can walk again]-----------------


Best Friend

Don't have any yet.

-----------------[As far as I need to]-----------------

History: Having a relatively uneventful childhood, Lance immersed himself in legends and stories. Though he never really liked to read, and often begged his parents to read to him. It was this childish mind that led him to become an adventurer, or traveler. Regardless of the name, he picked up the skills of trade watching his father's old clothing store and helping out here and there. Having spent the last decade or so traveling as a merchant, he's become quite adept with his speech and business sense. Ever since he began listening to tales of the past he started to want to emulate some of them. On his travels, he found many opportunities to do just that.

Being an ordinary human was boring to him, and the only eventful things that have ever happened to him are risky deals and strange people. However, as he traveled further and further, and spoke with more and more people, he discovered the use of magic. He himself wasn't using it, but as he paid more attention to those around him, he noticed many of them did use it themselves. They weren't very skillful, but they could do some interesting things. He then made it his goal to learn every trick he could from every person he found using magic, and the only spell he ever created himself was the ability to transport objects from one location to another instantaneously. The downside is that he has to have been wherever he transported the objects to and from, otherwise he'll end up sending them to no-mans-land. Thus, his use of magic is limited. Most of his spells are minor aids to his traveling and bartering, helping him with storage and movement and coinage, but he does have the occasional self-defense spell, and few unique ones.

In his traveling, he eventually reached a group called "The Rebellion" and has decided to stay for a while until he can get used to the place and figure out what makes it so strange. The place is covered with all kinds of unique stories and people who exist from those stories. Better yet, he might be able to open a special trade that could prove advantageous. It was time to make the first step.

-----------------[Yes, ever since I met you]-----------------

Sanity Level: 8/10
Intelligence Level: 10/10
Wits in a Battle: 8/10
Fighting Experience: 6/10
Killing Experience: 1/10
Hunting: 7/10
Fishing: 9/10
Aggression Level: 2/10
Speed Level: 7/10
Strength Level: 9/10
Hygiene Level: 6.5/10
Kindness Level: 8/10
Curiosity Level: 10/10
Humor Level: 6/10
Flirting Experience:3/10

-----------------[On this road]-----------------

Theme Song: Don't have anything.

Voice: Kraft Lawrence from Spice and Wolf. Don't really have a video/too lazy to look one up xD
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Lance's Profile
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