A literate, active shapeshifter roleplay set in a sort of alternate, old style world.
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 Jetta's Profile

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PostSubject: Jetta's Profile   Thu May 28, 2009 9:53 pm

-----------------[If I had it my way I'd slit your throat with the knife you left in my back]-----------------

Name: Jetta

Age: about 19, but her body is aged to about 27

Race: Society Warrior wereowl/Aravos

Gender: Female

Height: 6'2"

*Hair Color: So blonde it's almost white

*Eye Color: Silver

*Skin Color: Pale

-----------------[all the shame, all this guilt, all this regret, that's me]-----------------

Personality: Because Jetta was in the Society for such a long time, she lost all of her emotion. She is still trying to recover some of them. Most things she does, she does semi-emotionally. the only one she seems to have fully recovered is anger

Likes: Flying

Dislikes: lots of other things, including her former best friend Ryn

Sexual Orientation: Probably homosexual

-----------------[I'm inside of you and this is your world]-----------------

Illness's: none

Allergic Reactions: none

Fears: Fear doesn't register with her

Trusts: Akaelin, Kitai

Hopes and Dreams: She doesn't have any goals but is wandering aimlessly through her life after the last big battle

-----------------[fucking falling apart mate, from the inside out]-----------------


Best Friend

Ryn: I was in love with you, but you were sucked into the Society and felt nothing for me. Your death at my hands both saddens me and makes me glad. But now I've been placed right into your shoes

The Rebellion: You have a cause worth fighting for, and I respect that. You also have tightly knit bonds within your organization and would trust most of each other with your lives

-----------------[everything will fall at your feet - you got hell to pay]-----------------

History: Jetta first met up with the rebellion when she was fleeing those from the Society that came to kill her for killing humans. She was Rank 3 at the time. She was planning on leaving the group when the Rank 1 Ryn showed up and announced her mission to kill Lycaon, and that Jetta had been offered amnesty if she would assist in the mission. Ryn was forced into the Society at the same time as Jetta and they essentially grew up together and were close friends before Ryn lost all emotion completely. Ryn was also an Aravos - a member of the Society that lost control and were changed by their magic. They are usually bloodthirsty but it seems that taking the soul of another society warrior can grant them control. At the last battle with Lycaon Ryn froze Jetta so she was stabbed by Aracelli. Given the choice between death and an option she never would have contemplated before, Jetta became an Aravos and killed Ryn. She became the new Rank 1 within the Society and came back to the Rebellion two years later when a rogue member was attacking Akaelin. She later overthrew the Society and set the warriors free. She is in control of herself for the most part, but will occasionally get a craving for human meat and develop a blind desire to kill when in battle.

-----------------[you took what you wanted and left, like locusts]-----------------

Sanity Level: 6/10
Intelligence Level: 10/10
Wits in a Battle: 4/10 (because of becoming an Aravos)
Fighting Experience: 10/10
Killing Experience: 10/10
Hunting: 2/10
Fishing: 8/10
Aggression Level: 7/10
Speed Level: 10/10
Strength Level: 10/10
Hygiene Level: 9/10
Kindness Level: 7/10
Curiosity Level: 1/10
Humor Level: 1/10
Flirting Experience:10/10

-----------------[best friends means forever, c***]-----------------

Theme Song: Sleep with One Eye Open - Bring me the Horizon

Voice: Miria from Claymore
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Jetta's Profile
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